Towns in Puszta: Treasures of Puszta. One Region – One Future


Towns in Puszta: Treasures of Puszta. One Region – One Future

Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme

Towns in Puszta: Treasures of Puszta. One Region – One Future

Lead Beneficiary
Museum Association of Bács-Kiskun County
6000 Kecskemét
Bethlen krt. 1.

Project Partner
Municipial Museum of Subotica
24000 Subotica
1 Trg Sinagoge

Project summary
“Treasures of Puszta, One Region One Future” project’s core activities on the field of heritage management support the creation of a joint thematic route, its common marketing under the Actions 2.1.2. Its long-term objectives are to develop a long term harmonic and balanced co-operation between the Thorma Museum, Kiskunhalas and the Municipal Museum,Subotica which promote the necessity of the common heritage management, can raise common responsibility for common natural and cultural values, traditions to develop tourism and can help make the people understand the necessity of building common future.

The core activities are:
1:Elaboration of cross-border research, studies and strategies related to cultural heritage and tourism.
2:Enhancing the cooperation between existing cultural organisations,
3:Development of a thematic route networked min.16 sites and organizing events to help market it, 4:Organising and implementing joint travelling exhibitions.All activities correspond to the objectives of the IPA programme as they strengthen good neighbourly relations and encourage their harmonic, balanced and sustainable development. The project fully meets the requirements of the partnership as the proposal has been jointly prepared and planned to jointly implement by joint staff and financing. The location is part of the eligible area: Bács-Kiskun county, North-Bačka, -Banat.

The significant outputs of the project are:
1 thematic route networked the sights of min.16 places, 1 exhibition adjusted and travelling to min 10 places, 1 exhibition catalogues in 4 languages (Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, English) based on cross border research, printed and electronic promotion material, 100 information boards marking architectural heritage along the thematic route, new equipment for serving travelling exhibitions, 12 multilingual project events, 15 Game Day to exhibition, 10 lectures about thematic route to exhibition, 1 conference, 2 workshops.