Project Title: Together for Common Future of Common Cultural Heritage
Acronym: CommonHeritage
Project ID: HUSRB 1602/32/0009
Total Project budget: 234 843,5 EUR
EU contribution (IPA): 199 616,97 EUR
Start Date: 1 January 2018
End Date: 31 December 2019
Lead Beneficiary: Türr István Museum, Baja
Beneficiary 1: Inter-municipal Institute for Heritage Protection, Subotica
Beneficiary 2: Municipial Musum in Subotica

Contact information:
Municipal Museum of Subotica
Address: 24413 Subotica,  Trg sinagoge 3, Serbia
Telephone: +381 24 555 128

Project summary:
History doesn’t stop at borders. Common cultural heritage along neighbouring countries tells the story of shifting borders, and the impact everchanging countries leave on people living in these borderline areas. Yet, the potential of the common cultural heritage is often overlooked by locals, professionals and tourists.
The aim of this project is not only to preserve this common cultural heritage in the area between the Bács-Kiskun county in Hungary and the Serbian North Bačka, but also to develop a sustainable use for them via joint public events, tourist activities and joint professional work.
The project will be made possible through the collaboration between Türr István Museum (also serving as the primary cultural institute for ethnic minorities) in Hungary, the Intermunicipal Institute for Heritage Protection and the Subotica Museum in Serbia. The planned activities will have three target groups:
– professionals, through two co-organised conferences on built heritage, two seminars on new restoration methods, the restoration of seven altar paintings (resulting in an exhibition) and the research on Baroque Bačka (will be published in two monographs);
– tourists, through six jointly created paths divided into two themes – “Historical walks” and “Sacral memories of Baroque Bačka” -, renovated restauration workroom with regular restauration workshops and the travelling exhibition.
– the younger generations, through 14 science communication activities for primary school children and two ‘heritage’ summer camps for teenagers to educate them all to become more ‘heritage conscious and to showcase the value and joy in common effort.
The project will be promoted in local and national media outlets, social media and printed materials in both Hungarian and Serbian.